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MMC ReviewsMy Story Savannah Johnson

Okay, as I was talking with my physician, he said, "Savannah, diabetes runs in your family, so you're going to have to take control of your weight because you may get high blood pressure or high cholesterol, whatever the case may be, so you may need to diet or exercise to manage those things. But I realize today I couldn't do it alone, so I chose Metabolic Medical Center. And when I chose it, honey, they took me like, hey, I was family.

The first day I got there I got a chance to speak with the doctor and the staff there, and they explained everything to me. And, hey, they made me feel as though I could do anything, when it came to controlling my weight. They also showed me how to eat healthy, which was a part of me that I didn't know could taste well, you know. I always thought, if you eat healthy it's going to be ahgh, but, no, it was amazing. They start you off with a plan that's going to be sufficient for you throughout the day, like from the morning to the evening, your snack meals. And they also give you some type of a non pressure--I'm going to say that, non pressure commitment to yourself, so that's what I like about Metabolic Medical Center.

The doctor there, it's never a question that you could talk about that's stupid and anything like that. Anything you ask, they'll be glad to answer it for you.

But the Metabolic Medical Center, I've been with them for the past four months, and I'm happy. My name was not on a chart. Okay? My name was on my--felt like a family roster. Okay? Like I was going to a family reunion. That's what I felt like, because when you walk through the door, everybody was like, "Hey, how you doing?" Like I was walking into my home, so it was never like a doctor's visit for me. I just enjoyed going there, and they treat me like I was one of their first cousins, second cousins, or whatever the case may be.

But at the Metabolic Medical Center, they care. They show that they care, and that's why I chose, and I'm glad that they chose to stick in there with me and help me get through what I needed to get through. Very happy. My family has noticed everything about me, even at work, and I'm feeling better. You know, I'm feeling great. I'm a mom of three, and, hey, I've been married, but now it's time for me to be me. I'm at 50 years old now, and I'm feeling great, and it's all because of my faith and the Metabolic Medical Center. You need to check it out.
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Medical Metabolic Center Mt. Pleasant
570 Long Point Rd Suite 100
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
(843) 971-1919

Monday 9:00-4:00
Tuesday 7:30-6:00
Wed 9:00-4:00
Thursday 8:00-4:00
Friday 8:00-3:00
Saturday every other 9:00-1:00
Metabolic Medical Center Charleston
1941 Savage Rd Suite 100F
Charleston, SC 29407
(843) 573-9910
Monday 8:00-2:00, 3:30-6:00
Wednesday 8:00-2:00
Metabolic Medical Center Bluffton
56 Persimmon St
Bluffton, SC 29910
(843) 706-0814
Monday 8:00-4:00 (no doctor)
Tue 7:30-11:30
Wed 8:00-11:00, 2:00-5:30
Thur 8:00-4:00 (no doctor)
Metabolic Medical Center Columbia
3608 Landmark Drive Suite E
Columbia SC 29204
(803) 758-5858
Tuesday 7:30-4
Wednesday 8-1 & 3-6
Thursday 8-4
Friday 8-12
Medical Metabolic Center Myrtle Beach Area
3955 Hwy 17 North, Suite C
Murrells Inlet, SC 29576
(843) 357-2851
Monday 9:00-5:00
Wednesday 9:00-1:00
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