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Weight Management for Children and Adolescents
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Weight Loss ProgramsWeight Management for Children and Adolescents

Set your child on the right path to a healthy lifestyle.

Our caring physicians welcome and enjoy helping children and adolescents.

Metabolic Medical Center has a specialized weight loss program for youths that addresses the different needs of younger people.

Our caring physicians feel they have a duty, a passion, and a calling to educate young people, especially ones that are graduating and leaving home. This as a very important and crucial time, and for some, their last chance to get them on the right path of eating before college or leaving home so they can become healthy adults. Helping younger children is equally important.

School can be very stressful on overweight children in many areas. Social situations, sports, even PE class, can lead many overweight children to withdraw, feel left out, lonely, and even depressed. These are crucial times to get young people on the right path to eating healthy and exercising regularly. It is vital that healthy eating habits form as early as possible so they become part of a daily routine.

Instead, the confidence and self esteem from a healthy, lean body is a boost to every area of life.

We know how to help kids and teenagers get back on track so they can make steady progress in becoming healthier. Before long, little changes lead to big rewards such as weight loss, toned physiques, more energy, and a better outlook each day. It just takes knowledge, guidance, commitment, and getting positive momentum going. Do not keep putting it off. Help your children start taking better care of their health and weight today.

With Metabolic Medical Center’s professional expertise, you can get your favorite young people off to a brand new start. Help them achieve a happier life with the knowledge and habits that bring them down to a healthy weight and give them a permanent confidence boost.

Don’t wait, make the decision to help your children feel better about themselves and to start taking care of their health and weight now.

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