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Articles by Lisa McLaughlin in South Carolina

Articles by Lisa McLaughlin in South Carolina

Metabolic Medical Center is Helping Me Lose Weight!
By Lisa McLaughlin

Charleston’s most successful weight loss program is now in Murrells Inlet

When I look back on all the weight loss programs I have tried, I seemed to always have concentrated on exercise more than what I ate. I have always hoped that working out would cancel out my overeating! Well, it doesn’t.

I walk, ride my bike, do yoga and even occasionally get on my Concept II rowing machine. I still need to lose 50 pounds! Over the past 8 years, I have lost the same 10 pounds 100 times. I always gain it back because I am eating the wrong foods! Also, I have never had the proper “diet” support to lose enough weight and keep it off.

Yes, I have tried some of the national diet programs. I felt like I was in a cattle call. They didn’t care that I had a lot of muscle and my weight reflects this and they didn’t do the necessary blood work to make sure the diet was right for me. Well, I turn 50 years old in a few weeks and I am ready to regain my youthful figure!

I have always put my family first and not taken care of myself the way many busy moms do. I asked for help from Metabolic Medical Center and I am excited with the program and support they offer. Metabolic Medical Center is new here in Murrells Inlet. They have a very sucessful weight loss program in Charleston and we are lucky to have a physician supervised program where weight loss is all they do!

Metabolic Medical Center has 4 different plans that they customize to each person depending on age, body make up and blood work. As a matter of fact, they do an intensive blood panel before they recommend anything for you. I like the fact that I see a doctor instead of a part-time person that just works there! The plans vary and most include delicious protein shakes supplemented with healthy meals

The program actually saves you money (especially if you eat out a lot – which I do!)… On food AND healthcare costs. How many women my age have hormonal imbalances due to diet and weight? How many 50 year old women have knee problems or high blood pressure? A LOT!

The all encompassing life change I want to make has to go hand and hand with comprehensive support and a truly effective program.

I’m so excited to share information about Metabolic Medical Center each month! I have signed on to talk about my experience at Metabolic Medical Center for 3 months. I will share with you my struggles as well as my successes. I will change my habits and put myself first. At 50 years old, don’t you thin it is time?

For a safe, effective and healthy weight loss program, that offers support from a physician, call Metabolic Medical Center today and do it with me! Regain your figure too! They have a plan for every budget!

I’ll see you next month with good news………………..!

Article taken from July issue of Parent News Magazine.
Author: Lisa McLaughlin

I’m A Big Loser!
Metabolic Medical Center is Taking me Across the Finish Line!
By Lisa McLaughlin

I have lost about 17 pounds (and numerous inches) with the help of Metabolic Medical Center, in barely 7 weeks! I am one dress size smaller and approximately halfway through my weight loss journey in this Grand Strand’s Biggest Loser Contest. My goal is to lose 30 lbs. in 3 months in this competition. I feel confident that I can do this! Metabolic Medical Center is such a wonderful program. The food supplements are fantastic and the individualized state-of-the-art appetite suppressants help immensely. This is truly the easiest diet in the world! No wonder they have been so successful in Charleston and other cities. Glad they finally opened a clinic in Murrells Inlet! A physician supervised diet program, fairly new in the area, Metabolic Medical Center puts together a program utilizing supplements such as delicious shakes, pudding, soups or oatmeal to have daily in addition to low insulin index foods such as proteins and vegetables. A complete blood panel, EKG and initial assessment are included in the initial cost of the first doctor visit. This program is actually very inexpensive. A comparable office visit with a family doctor or such with the lab work and EKG would normally cost over $600! The initial appointment at Metabolic Medical Center is $199. The other visits include a physician’s consultation and supplements and you actually save money on groceries and expensive restaurant food. Not to mention fattening and unhealthy restaurant food! The support from the kind and knowledgeable staff at MMC is invaluable. Even the doctors have recipe ideas, tips and are sincerely interested in your progress. You are not just a number at this weight loss facility, like others I have tried!!

The Grand Strand’s Biggest Loser Contest is in full swing! Wonder how much the other two contestants have lost (Beth Shipp with WPDE TV 15 and TJ Anzivino with Star 92 Radio)? Do you think I’ll win the fabulous prizes? I sure hope so. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I will “win” no matter as I will lose weight and regain my youthful figure and better health. With 17 pounds gone, I am fitting into a size smaller and it feels so good! I’d love to lose 2 more sizes, which would probably be approximately 20 more pounds.
Stay tuned….

In the meantime, call Metabolic Medical Center, at 357-2851, for an appointment to lose weight, get healthy and save money on food! You will be so glad you did at the next holiday party or reunion!

Article taken from August issue of Parent News Magazine.
Author: Lisa McLaughlin

Well, the final weigh in for the Metabolic Medical Center’s Grand Strand’s Biggest Loser challenge is over! I didn’t win all the great prizes: $500 shopping spree at Dillard’s, 4 week (3x per week) boot camp workout, plus one free beach yoga, from Rockstar Boot Camp, a free 8×10 portrait sitting by Myrtle Beach photography, a hair makeover (cut and color) from Studio 544, manicure and pedicure from Nail Lounge, an Endermologie treatment & an Infrared Bodywrap (plus a $25 gift certificate) from Celestial Body & Face and a one hour massage by Elements Day Space. Love those sponsors…love those prizes! I did win back my wardrobe! It is elating to fit into dresses and slacks I could not previously get all the way up my hips! I lost over 9% of my body weight, approx. 20 lbs., 4 inches from my bust (oh my!), 3 inches from waist and 3 inches from my hips (that was mostly tummy!). What a well earned present to myself for my 50 th birthday! The winner of the challenge is Beth Shipp with WPDE TV 15! She is a wonderful person and worked very hard to lose weight. Congratulations Beth! Beth lost over 20 lbs., approximately 13% of body weight and numerous inches as well. It was a close challenge and TJ, with Star 92 Radio, and I lost about the same in the 12 weeks; we’re happy! Metabolic Medical Center has the know-how when it comes to losing weight! I have never stayed on a diet for 12 weeks in my life! This was by far the easiest diet I have ever been on…I was not hungry! I even had my treat or cheat meal once a week (And I’m talking hamburger, French fries, donut!) and still lost about 2 lbs. per week STEADY! Easy! Here’s the plan we all followed… 2 supplements daily in the form of delicious shakes, puddings, soups or sweet oatmeal. Then add two low-insulin index meals, such as steak salad, grilled chicken & veggie kebobs or something such as shrimp stir fry. That is not starving, is it? I love the state of the art appetite suppressants they offer. Not the type that you have taken that keeps you up at night and makes you grumpy and jittery. I just can’t say enough about Metabolic Medical Center’s program! I plan to stay on it longer even though the challenge is over. I want to lose 25 or so more pounds! There is not another diet program out there that has ever worked for me! I love food and cooking; this program fits into my lifestyle! Offering you on the go supplements, yet the ability toenjoy a gourmet food every day. Love that combo! I am saving money on food and eating out as well. I probably save $100 per week on groceries and restaurant meals with the help of Metabolic Medical Center. AND winning back my skinny jeans!!

YOU can be a Greatest Loser too!

By Lisa McLaughlin

The Grand Strand’s Greatest Loser Challenge is over for me but you can now do it too! Metabolic Medical Center is extending an opportunity for you and a friend, co worker, spouse or relative to compete with each other and SAVE money! You and your challenger can lose weight and receive ½ price on the cost of the initial visit to Metabolic Medical Center . Just make your appointment, together with your challenger, and save that money…then enjoy the easy program and lose weight together! Make your appointments together as often as possible during the 90 days; whoever loses the greatest percentage of body weight will receive a 2 dollar credit for each pound lost towards their visit as well as recognition on the mmc display board. But mostly, and what I won during the challenge, a healthier and smaller YOU!

The Metabolic Medical Center program is the easiest I have ever tried. Actually, the ONLY diet I have ever stayed on! You enjoy supplements in the way of delicious shakes, puddings, soups, coffees and oatmeal daily ~ such as Amaretto Cappuccino, Mocha shakes or NY Cheesecake pudding ~ along with low insulin index meals you fix at home (or can easily order in most restaurants) such as a large salad with salmon or grilled shrimp, small steak with stir fried veggies or Turkey sausage with sautéed peppers and onions!

I lost almost 20 lbs. in 12 weeks and ate well! You won’t starve and you will save money on junk snack foods and fattening fast food or restaurant food! I saved about $100 per week that I normally would have spent. In this economic time, if you need to lose weight, it’s crazy not to try this diet! The physician supervised program is state of the art and the doctor will prescribe appetite suppressants that don’t make you jittery and grumpy or keep you up at night like other programs offer.

I LOVE fitting into clothes that I previously could not wear. Love being able to sprint up the stairs to the kid’s rooms without holding on to the stair rail. I used to huff and puff all the way. The staff support is the best at Metabolic Medical Center and the actual program is the most effective of any out there (and believe me, I have tried them all!). It will work for you and your challenger. If I can do it, so can you!

The holidays are right around the corner and, this year, you can fit into a beautiful cocktail dress instead of those large slacks and jacket!!

Get together with your mother, best friend or husband. The Grand Strand’s Greatest Loser Challenge was so much fun for me, doing it with T.J. and Beth! You can motivate each other and support one another like we did! Check out the Greatest Loser Challenge info at to see the television commercials and the articles!

Call Metabolic Medical Center today and lose that weight! 90 days from now (that is right around Christmas!) you will be so glad you started right now. Call 357-2851 for the Murrells Inlet office. They are located in the Carolina OB/GYN Bldg. at 4017 Hwy. 17 Bypass, Suite 201.

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