4 Ways to Stay Motivated After a Plateau

4 Ways to Stay Motivated After a Plateau

When you begin, weight loss is fast! That initial, fast success helps you get over the hump of establishing new habits and makes you feel great about what you are doing. It feels good to see the scale drop so motivation comes easily. So far, so good!

Then, maybe a month or two down the road, the scale starts dragging where before it was sprinting. That can feel frustrating, but take heart that it is normal and all you need is a mindset shift. When the scale slows down, simply find motivation in a few different places so you stay on track with your plan, create the healthy, lean body you want, and keep it for life.

Here are 4 ways to stay motivated when you are on the right track but the scale isn’t showing it:

1. Track your healthier eating habits. Instead of just weight, list 3 or 4 healthier eating habits (like having a healthy breakfast where before you would have had a croissant or three) and check off those habits as you practice them daily. Feel good that you are developing a healthier lifestyle that will benefit you in many ways in addition to weight loss. And don’t worry about it if you slip here and there! You are going for a balance that gives you the body you want with habits you can stick with, so an occasional “day off” may be ok.

2. Measure your activity. You can keep it simple with a paper notebook or use one of the many apps that tracks calorie-burning, metabolism-boosting activities. It can be your walking, biking, or any other light exercise that fits you and your goals. Focus on gradual increases. Maybe you walked 10 miles last week and upped it to 12 this week? Nice job!

3. Have an accountability coach. Given that we live in a society that pulls us away from good health in so many ways, having support and coaching to help develop motivation and goals for healthy living can ensure you’ll open the door to a meaningful, enjoyable future.

4. Take your measurements monthly. Sometimes your body loses fat and looks better but the scale won’t show it. Water weight fluctuation as much as 7 pounds a day. Or, maybe you’ve gained some muscle from strength training. So, taking your measurements like waist and hips every 6-8 weeks or so can show that you are getting leaner and healthier as well as giving you some goals to shoot for to stay on track with your healthy eating and activity.

So, when the scale slows down, just set new goals. Keep at it and aim to become the “new you” who naturally lives a healthy life and has a healthy weight.

4 Ways to Get Motivated