Metabolic Weight Loss Doctors

It's important to have a clear understanding of the reasons for weight loss and weight gain. Our Metabolic Weight Loss Doctors will help you. There are two major reasons for the increase of obesity in the United States. The first thing is processed foods. So much of what is available in the grocery store is processed. By processed foods, we are referring to anything made out of flour including enriched wheat flour. When you eat breads, pastas and breakfast cereals, your body digests those very quickly and your blood sugar rises rapidly. When your blood sugar rises, you produce insulin and insulin prevents you from losing weight.

The second reason for weight gain is starchy vegetables and grains. The main ones are potatoes, corn and rice. Weight loss and weight gain can be directly correlated to what we consume daily. If you eat excessive amounts of potatoes, corn and rice products, your blood sugar rises and produces insulin. Insulin prevents you from losing weight. These starchy foods will make it impossible to lose weight. You must eat from food groups that do not effect your blood sugar so dramatically.

At Metabolic Medical Centers we will help you understand what happens when you eat certain things. When you understand weight loss and weight gain you become an all around healthier person. Avoid processed foods and starchy vegetables and watch your health improve. The goal is to help you have a clearer understanding so that you can lose weight fast and keep it off permanently.

A big reason you will lose weight: our metabolic weight loss doctors specialize in weight loss.

Once you make the decision to lose the weight, our doctors can begin to determine exactly what will work best for you. There is often times a logical medical reason why the weight is not coming off. Understanding test results, family medical history, current prescription medications and your lifestyle conditions greatly increases everyone's opportunity for healthy, long term weight loss. Our dedicated metabolic doctors will make it happen for you!