The Dangers of hCG and Weight Loss

The Dangers of hCG and Weight Loss

Are you thinking of hCG for rapid weight loss? While the promise of rapid weight loss seems appealing, we urge caution.

There is enough credible opposition that we have decided not to offer hCG for these reasons:

While many people are compelled by the possibility of a “silver bullet” of rapid weight loss with hCG, a good portion do not even realize what it is? It actually is a hormone produced by pregnant women.

hCG, which stands for Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is usually a hormone produced during pregnancy, but may also be produced by some cancerous tumors. hCG functions similarly to another hormone, luteinizing hormone (LH), which is produced by both men and women. LH triggers the ovulation in women and testosterone in men. hCG has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of infertility and certain endocrine disorders through a licensed medical practitioner.

The FDA has not approved hCG for any weight loss programs, but this has not stopped companies from creating over-the-counter “homeopathic” versions of hCG. These versions contain little or no hCG as well as other questionable ingredients that have not been approved by the FDA and may give you some negative side effects.

No one likes side effects of something that is supposed to help you. There have been reports of headaches, dizziness, depression, blood clots, fatigue, and restlessness in relation to taking hCG for weight loss.

This is a major problem. Why? Even after many clinical studies through several decades, and the conclusions by the American Medical Association and the American Society of Bariatric Physicians that hCG for effective weight loss had no scientific basis and that the weight loss was due to the severe dietary restrictions, hCG continues to reemerge from time to time as a weight loss solution. Both organizations recommend physicians, like those at the Metabolic Medical Centers, be aware and alert to potential patients wanting try hCG as an avenue for weight management.

The physicians at the Metabolic Medical Centers are available to guide patients through safe, effective, physician-supervised weight management and lifestyle programs. Contact your local Metabolic Medical Center for a consultation.

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