Medical Weight Loss Programs Questions and Answers

Medical Weight Loss Programs Questions and Answers

The programs at Metabolic Medical Centers are here to help you obtain a new and healthy lifestyle. Read our below Q and A page for more information or call our clinic today. We serve patients from Bluffton SC, Columbia SC, Murrells Inlet SC, West Ashley SC, Mount Pleasant SC, Isle Of Palms SC, Daniel Island SC, Summerville SC, Pawleys Island SC, Hilton Head SC, Charleston SC, Kiawah SC, and surrounding cities.

Medical Weight Loss Programs Questions and Answers
Medical Weight Loss Programs Questions and Answers

Medical weight loss programs are weight loss programs medically assisted by a healthcare professional. These specialized programs offer astonishing results as the medical professional takes all aspects of health and diet into consideration, as well as the genetic makeup of the individual. With support and encouragement provided along the way, medical weight loss programs garner some of the most promising results.

What does medical weight loss mean?

Although some programs can provide them as supplemental treatments, medical weight loss does not rely on surgery or diet pills. Its weight management techniques are based on medical scientific evidence that targets the root causes of obesity and weight gain. To help you achieve weight loss and maintain it for life, trained doctors or medical providers provide the necessary treatment and guidance.

Does health insurance cover medical weight loss programs?

Some health insurance companies will cover weight loss treatments, however their coverage is generally limited. Oftentimes, a patient must meet a variety of criteria, including a certain body mass index or obesity-related conditions like coronary heart disease, sleep apnea, and Type 2 diabetes.

Another viable option is a health savings account (HSAs) or a flexible spending account (FSAs). Including expenses related to weight loss, these accounts let you set aside tax-sheltered money for medical expenses. If prescribed by a physician to treat a specific medical condition, like heart disease, sometimes HSAs and FSAs can be used for weight loss programs. Be sure to check with your insurance provider to see if weight loss treatments are covered under your plan.

How does a medical weight loss program work?

Medical weight loss is a medically assisted weight loss program with the help and guidance of a healthcare professional, usually a doctor. To create a realistic plan that meets their unique circumstances, the doctor uses their knowledge and medical experience to help the individual to lose weight by creating a customized plan based on their unique body chemistry. These weight loss specialists can also help you find and keep the motivation that you need to succeed in losing weight.

What is a medically supervised weight loss program?

Ranging from changes to one’s diet and exercise to a supplemental therapy, there are a wide range of approaches to medically supervised weight loss. Based on the health needs and goals of the patient, the choice of which approach to use is usually determined between the patient and physician. The following are some of the most popular techniques, therapies and programs used in medically supervised weight loss:

  • Behavior Modifications
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Accelerated Medical Weight Loss
  • Weight Loss
  • Fat Loss
  • Whole Foods Weight Loss
  • Vitamin B12 Injections
  • Metabolic Analysis

Do weight loss clinics really work?

Yes, weight loss clinics are a proven method for weight loss. They work so well because each program is designed specifically for the unique needs of the individual, versus a one-size-fits-all initiative. Another main aspect of their great success is that they provide ongoing moral and weight loss support, so people are more likely to stick around long enough to achieve the results they desire.

If you or someone you know is looking for the top-rated medical weight loss programs in the area, come to Metabolic Medical Centers today! Our kind and compassionate professionals are experienced in weight loss and can help you attain your ideal weight! For more information on our medical weight loss programs, call our office and get in touch with a member of our team. To book an appointment with one of our weight loss specialists, visit our website or speak with us over the phone today.

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