Modified Nutriplus in South Carolina

Modified Nutriplus Weight Loss Program in Columbia SC, Murrells Inlet SC, Mount Pleasant SC, West Ashley SC, Bluffton, SC

Metabolic Medical Centers Will Continue to Encourage You to Exercise as Its Is a Necessity for a Healthy Lifestyle. With Every Visit, as Your Weight Decreases and Your Solid-Food Intake Increases. You Should Have the Energy and Stamina Your Body Requires to Maintain Your New Physical Appearance. Reach Out To Us Today to Take the Initial Step Towards Your Ideal Weight Goal!

The Modified Nutriplus phase of our weight loss program is designed to help you continue to transition into eating more solid foods, while still limiting your intake of carbohydrates and starches.

Every visit, your blood pressure and weight loss will continue to be monitored and discussed with your physician. You will continue to receive all meal replacements and supplements, as well as detailed instructions on portion control and foods that are acceptable on this segment of the plan.

Metabolic Medical Centers will continue to encourage you to exercise as that is part of a healthy lifestyle. As your weight decreases and your solid-food intake increases, you should have the energy and stamina your body needs to maintain your new physical appearance.

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