Physician Weight Loss Program Questions and Answers

Wondering how a physician can help with your weight loss goals? Our team of professionals at Metabolic Medical Centers can work with you to achieve your goals. For more information, call us or schedule an appointment online! We have multiple locations to serve you in Mount Pleasant SC, West Ashley SC, Murrells Inlet SC, Columbia SC, Bluffton SC, and Nearby Areas!

Physician Weight Loss Program Near Me
Physician Weight Loss Program Near Me

How can a physician help me lose weight?

A physician can help you lose weight by providing safe, medically sound information and advice about which weight loss program and approach is right for you. Weight loss is a big industry, with countless products and programs advertised that usually claim to help you lose weight quickly, with minimal effort. The truth is, the vast majority of these products and pieces of advice are not based in science, and have not been approved or vetted by a medical professional. Unfortunately, many people turn to things that sound promising without consulting their healthcare provider, and in some cases, this can be dangerous and actually have adverse health effects long-term.

Turning to a physician like the ones at Metabolic Medical Centers is not only the safest option, it can actually help you see better results, as the advice and programs we give are based in science, and are designed to help you maintain results and a healthy lifestyle over a long period of time.

How much weight can a physician help me lose?

How much weight you lose under a medically supervised weight loss program depends on many factors, including: your current body weight, your gender, age, other medical conditions, personal health history, and long-term health and weight goals. There is no specific number, since each person is different, and will lose weight at different rates depending on the approach they take, and what is recommended. Some of our clients have lost 50 pounds or more, while others have lost 10 or 20; it depends on your body and what’s best for you. At Metabolic Medical Centers, we have different programs that are designed to address different weight loss needs and goals. On our general weight loss program, for example, clients lose an average of 2-8 pounds per month, whereas on our accelerated or metabolism-focused programs, clients tend to lose more.

Is supervised weight loss safe?

If weight loss is supervised by a licensed medical professional, and is conducted with your personal health history and current situation in mind, then it is and should be safe. At Metabolic Medical Centers, you can be sure that our weight loss programs are completely safe, and are vetted by our specialized team of physicians and professionals. We would not begin a supervised weight loss program without first making sure we have all the information we need about your health, to ensure we are taking every factor into consideration when designing the program that is best for you.

When should I see a doctor about my weight?

There is no “right” or best time to see a doctor about your weight. When you seek out a doctor’s help and advice depends on each person’s personal health, and weight loss or health and fitness goals. Carrying excess weight can have adverse health effects, including increased risk for heart disease or type 2 diabetes, and other chronic conditions that can impact your overall quality of life and wellness.

If you’ve been experiencing any of these effects and want to know how losing weight and adjusting your lifestyle can help you, then it’s worth it to reach out to a physician to see what can be done. Sometimes, trying things on our own just doesn’t work, isn’t as effective, or is hard to maintain in the long-term. It’s a good idea to consult a doctor about your weight if you’re struggling to lose or keep it off on your own, or you need more information and support. At Metabolic Medical Centers, you can call us or schedule an appointment anytime to discuss concerns or questions you have about your weight and lifestyle.

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