Doctors That Specialize in Medical Weight Loss Questions and Answers

Find out today what a physician that specializes in weight loss can do to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Find out what we can offer at Metabolic Medical Centers. For more information, call us or schedule an appointment online! We have multiple locations to serve you in Mount Pleasant SC, West Ashley SC, Murrells Inlet SC, Columbia SC, Bluffton SC, and Nearby Areas!

Doctors That Specialize in Medical Weight Loss Near Me
Doctors That Specialize in Medical Weight Loss Near Me

How can a specialist help me?

A physician that specializes in medical weight loss can help you first by ensuring that your personal health history and needs are taken into account before undergoing any kind of weight loss. The specialists at Metabolic Medical Centers take patient health and wellbeing seriously, and are intent on ensuring a safe, comfortable environment where your journey is designed and supervised based on your specific body type and needs. We design our weight loss programs based on science, and the best current available evidence for weight loss that is not only effective, but will provide results that truly last.

Since there is so much information out there nowadays about health and weight loss, many patients can feel confused and frustrated, or like nothing they do is working. Our specialists help you sift through and understand the right information you need for the weight loss approach that will work best for you.

When should I see a specialist?

There is no best or right time to see a specialist about your weight; it’s really up to you and your goals. Whether you have a significant amount of weight you’d like to lose, or you’re just looking to shed those last ten pounds, we have programs and a team of professionals who can address your unique goals at Metabolic Medical Centers. Carrying excess weight can pose a variety of risks to your health, including increased risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes, as well as impacts to your mental wellbeing like depression, or withdrawal from everyday activities.

We understand that weight loss can be uncomfortable to discuss or want to seek help about, but if you’d like to improve your health and start feeling better, we’re here to consult with you to make that happen, and to provide a safe, comfortable environment to meet your weight loss and health goals.

How will a doctor help me lose weight?

Just like one specific treatment, product, or diet will not be the one key to weight loss, simply seeing a doctor and having them prescribe something specific will not be the “magic bullet” for your weight loss. However, our physicians and specialists at Metabolic Medical Centers have the right, specified training in weight loss, including the best available information, approaches, products and advice to ensure you lose weight effectively and keep it off, as well as continue to benefit from the positive health impacts of the lifestyle changes we recommend.

In our general weight loss program, for example, our clients lose an average of 2-8 pounds per month, depending on their body type, the plan selected for them, and how well they are able to adhere to and manage it. A doctor will help you because not only can they ensure your weight loss will be safe, they have the right tools to analyze and understand your body type, metabolism and personal health history, to design a plan that will yield the best results.

Is medical weight loss safe?

We can ensure that at Metabolic Medical Centers, our weight loss programs are not only safe, but effective, and designed to deliver results that will last and can be maintained throughout your lifetime. Some clients hear ‘medical weight loss’ and may think of surgeries, procedures, or diet pills and medications that can be dramatic or have adverse impacts on their health. That’s not the case at Metabolic Medical Centers, where we use a multifaceted, full lifestyle approach that targets diet and exercise changes, as well as nutrition advice and support, and some products and supplements that can help you on your journey.

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