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Success Story: Carla’s Story

My Weight Loss Story

Success Story from Metabolic Medical Centers

Well, I have been going to the Metabolic Center for over five years now, and I’ve managed to keep the weight off. I absolutely love it. It’s the only thing that actually worked for me. I’ve referred all my coworkers and friends, and they’ve had huge success with it as well.

But I’m 38, and when I got into my thirties, I wanted to get back into my little, black dress. I wanted to look good and feel good. I wanted to go out on the boat and not have to wear my cover up. So I wanted to really just get back to myself, and Metabolic helped me do it. And every time I went, I saw the doctor on every single visit, and it’s a lifestyle change. And they taught me how to take the weight off and keep it off. So I’m on a maintenance plan now. It’s affordable. It’s easy. It’s fast. I can call. I work a lot so I can call the day of or the day before, they get me in and out, and I’m on an affordable plan now that’s really worked for me.

And although it was a lifestyle change, it didn’t consume my whole life, you know. I was still able to go out and go out to dinner and go out and have a glass of red wine, but it just helped me with the little things, snacking during the day, preparing my meals at home, just some really great tips that have kept the weight off.

Dr. Michael Baird has been my doctor for the last five years, and I see her every single visit, so we’ve kind of really gotten to know each other, and she truly cares about me and my success and what’s going on all aspects of my life, not just my weight loss. So Dr. Michael Baird is one of the best.

It’s a medical based program, and that’s why it works so well because it is focused on what works for you and your body type. And I feel safe with it being a medical with a doctor, with every visit a doctor there, and you get to see the doctor every single time, so it’s not just a one time visit, and then you go on your plan; a doctor’s there from start to finish and measures your results with you. And if you need to make changes here and there, she can help, and it’s nice to have a professional that knows what she’s doing.

I’m in the stage what they call maintenance at this point, and it’s very easy. It’s just maintaining and making sure you’re still on track with your lifestyle changes; whereas, in the beginning, you have to do a little more it’s a little more intense in the beginning, but now that I’ve kept it off and maintained it, it’s easy, it’s a habit, and I can call them up and get in the next day. It’s working. My energy level, I feel like I’m 21, and I just turned 38 so I still feel like I’m in my twenties.

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