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Success Story: Mary Norton

Mary Norton Loses Weight With Metabolic

Success Story from Metabolic Medical Centers

INTERVIEWER: Welcome back, once again. If you’re looking for a custom tailored weight loss or weight management plan that really works, now is the time to go metabolic. Mary Norton is a patient at Metabolic Medical, and she joins us today to tell us about the amazing weight loss journey that began at Metabolic. We were just talking a few moments ago, that started three years ago.

MARY NORTON: Yeah, about three years ago.

INTERVIEWER: With all the medications, all the pills, all the stuff that’s just out there today, why did you go with Metabolic.

MS NORTON: You know, a friend of mine told me about it, and I still go back and think who was that friend, and I can’t remember, but it was about three years ago. I had reached a size 14 after I lost my business, and all at once I went, “Who am I? What happened?” And I went, and I went to Metabolic, and my life changed. In six months, I lost 45 pounds.

INTERVIEWER: And the thing of it is, not only have you lost the weight, but you’ve kept it off, you’ve maintained.

MS NORTON: That’s the key.

INTERVIEWER: They gave you a maintenance program, as well, be-cause a lot of the weight loss programs that are out there, you lose the weight, you feel great, and all of a sudden a month later you go, “Geez, I weigh more now than what I did when I started.”

MS NORTON: That is the key.

INTERVIEWER: So you’ve got this big maintenance program, as well.

MS NORTON: And that’s the difference with Metabolic. And so many programs, there’s a lot you can pick from out there, but at Metabolic, there’s two real differences that I find that make this program different. It’s really the relationships you build with the people there, because these people who work there are not just in and out employees, they’re patients. They’ve been there. They’ve been through the program and seeing those same people who just cheer you on every time. They’re extraordinary human
INTERVIEWER: Their heart and soul is in it.

MS NORTON: They are. And they really keep you going. And then you see a doctor, not just somebody, you see a physician every single time you go. And so when I go every month, I may slide a little, but I never, phhh, fall off the cliff.

INTERVIEWER: Yeah, they grab you back and say, “Hey, what’s going on here? We got to come back to the “

MS NORTON: That makes the difference.

INTERVIEWER: And also, they look at you individualized, and they customize things just for you.

MS NORTON: They do. When you go in, you get a full blood panel. Each program is individualized for the person, and it makes a huge difference. It’s the food packages. It’s the vitamin packages. It’s really–it’s an extraordinary program. And listen, I don’t get paid for this; this is me believing in this, so this is me saying this has worked for me. It’s something else.

INTERVIEWER: And here’s one of the big questions and maybe one of the most difficult: Was it hard to do this?
MS NORTON: And I’ll be honest, the first three weeks, because you are kind of getting out of toxic living a little bit, you know, the sugars and things, not necessarily hard but breaking bad habits is a little–it’s bearing down. But after that, really, it just becomes breaking bad habits, and then it’s not so bad. And then it becomes a lifestyle, and you feel so good. They had me do a great thing, which was, after I lost some of the weight, they had me carry some dog food bags around the grocery store, to see what it feels like of what I had lost. What an amazing thing!

INTERVIEWER: Wow! A little change of pace.


INTERVIEWER: Moo Roo handbags for a number of years, the stars, if you don’t know Mary Norton, Moo Roo handbags, stars all over the world carry them. You got something new coming up with Gwynn’s; tell us about that.

MS NORTON: I am visual, visual merchandiser and director at Gwynn’s, which is amazing. I also personally style people who come in, and get to create like red carpet looks for them.

INTERVIEWER: So you could do that with me.

MS NORTON: I can. I work in the men’s department. I work every-where in the store.


MS NORTON: I’m so lucky. Marshall Simon has gotten behind me over there, which is great. And, of course, it’s Fashion Week, and we had our show yesterday. One show. We have two shows for the Children’s Hospital, and they raised a quarter million dollars for the Children’s Hospital yesterday. Bravo!

INTERVIEWER: Good gracious! That’s nothing to sneeze about, that’s for sure. We’re out of time. Thank you so much. You can find her at Gwynn’s and also, of course, at Metabolic as well. We’ve got more Low Country Live coming up right after the break. So stay with us.

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