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Success Story: Ruth Ann

Ruth Ann And Her Weight Loss

Success Story from Metabolic Medical Centers

RUTH ANN: I have thought so many times about going surfing, and then I thought about the fact that I didn’t really think I was in the proper shape to try. But Metabolic Medical Center has really changed my life because I can surf now. It’s real exciting, and I’m anxious to go anytime I can.


RUTH ANN: I’ve thought through the years about going surfing, but I really couldn’t because of the shape that I was in. But Metabolic Medical Center has changed my life, and I have gone surfing, and I love it.

INTERVIEWER: Good. Exact same thing, only again.

RUTH ANN: When I’m out there surfing, I feel young again. It is so exciting to ride those waves and look around. Everybody else looks younger, but I’m just as good as they are.

INTERVIEWER: Good. And you don’t think you could have done it without Metabolic?

RUTH ANN: I know I could never have accomplished my goals without Metabolic Medical Center. I have tried for over 20 years, and I realize that when you’re not successful trying something on your own, you need to go out and get help. And if you’ve ever thought about losing weight, don’t miss another opportunity to call Metabolic Medical Center because it will change your life forever.

I felt like it was a very good cost factor, because I had not been to the doctor and got a physical in years. And basically, the first time you go in you get a physical. You get blood work. You get EKG. They make sure that you are in good health to try this diet. And the doctor speaks with you. He evaluates you, and I felt very safe with this diet.

INTERVIEWER: Could you just inch to your right just like that?

RUTH ANN: Hope I don’t

INTERVIEWER: But that’s too far back; the other way. There you go. Good. Okay.

RUTH ANN: The first time I went in, the initial cost included a physician giving you a full evaluation, blood work, EKG, every-thing that you need to have done to make sure that you’re healthy. And they also measure you, evaluate you and make sure that this diet is going to work for you.

INTERVIEWER: Did you think–well, I guess what I’m asking is, if someone thought it was expensive, say something to the fact of you don’t spend as much money on food.


INTERVIEWER: Was that true?

RUTH ANN: Let me think on my thoughts.


RUTH ANN: Let me; no, wait a [AUDIO GLITCH] exuberant.


RUTH ANN: Exciting. Success.

INTERVIEWER: Just one sentence. What’s so great? When you’re up there, what’s it feel like?
RUTH ANN: Feels like I have accomplished a goal in life, and I’m doing something that I thought I would never be able to do again as long as I lived.

INTERVIEWER: That’s fantastic. No, you’re doing great.

RUTH ANN: I’m feeling great.

INTERVIEWER: Good. Okay. So tell me about, did you go surfing this summer?

RUTH ANN: I sure did. I had a great time. Went down to Folly Beach, surfed for two hours, rode the second wave I tried. I’m not concerned about gaining weight again because Metabolic Medical Center has taught me how to eat, and I’ve adapted a new lifestyle.

INTERVIEWER: Now, you were on the

RUTH ANN: I spend less on food nowadays because this diet has taught me how to eat properly, and also I love their shakes for meal replacements, and they’re much cheaper than any other meal that I could possibly buy.

INTERVIEWER: Okay. Good. Metabolic’s _____, okay. Yeah.

RUTH ANN: I had a goal to lose weight so I could go surfing again, and that’s why I chose the Metabolic Medical Center, to try to assist me in losing weight, and it was very successful.

INTERVIEWER: Good. Great. Okay. And?

RUTH ANN: I’ve been so fortunate and have a supportive family as well because they have been there all the way through this diet with me. And my husband has also lost over 30 pounds on this diet, and we’re like a new, young couple again.

INTERVIEWER: Okay. [Not an?] actress?

RUTH ANN: I am not a professional actress, although I’d like to be, but I’m just a regular person who picked up the phone and called and made my appointment to go to Metabolic Medical Center. I never realized how much my life would change. It is one of the best accomplishments I’ve ever had in my life.

INTERVIEWER: And last, final question: Why you didn’t want to go surfing.

RUTH ANN: Okay. I didn’t want to go surfing before because I thought my kids, who were at the beach with me, would laugh at me, “Mommy, you’re not going to try to surf, are you?” I really felt like I was overweight, and it would be obvious that I wasn’t in the condition to be able to paddle and do the things that you need to do to catch a wave. Now I have the confidence, and I’m so excited to get out there, and people that are out there on

INTERVIEWER: That’s fine. Keep going.

RUTH ANN: All right. There are people on the beach that actually clap when they see me surf so it’s been real exciting, real enthusiastic about doing it again.

INTERVIEWER: Okay. Let’s talk a little bit about [AUDIO GLITCH]

RUTH ANN: Probably the last time that I went surfing was probably about 15 years ago. Didn’t do really well at it because I was overweight at the time, but I gave it a good try. This time it was so different. I mean, it was easy to maneuver the board. It was much easier to get up to swim. My energy level was much higher. It was just a blast. It reminded me when I was 19.

INTERVIEWER: So before you didn’t feel like surfing because you felt overweight?

RUTH ANN: I was embarrassed, you know. The board was a long board. I was embarrassed because I pretty much filled it up, you know. And I tried to take my kids out and teach them a little bit about surfing, but it wasn’t easy for me to show them how because I didn’t have the energy to paddle and do the things that you need to do to surf.

INTERVIEWER: Great. Okay. So you–

RUTH ANN: Life has been so different since I’ve gone on this diet. My kids can’t believe how much energy I have and how I can keep up with them and sometimes do more exercise, walk further. My grandkids say, “Grandmamma, you’re skinny.” And it’s a great feeling to be called skinny. When I’m at my office with my elec-trolysis clients, they come in, they marvel at the success, and probably 40 to 50 of them have gone on this diet, and we’ve all been very successful.

INTERVIEWER: Good. Let’s talk a little bit so I’ve changed the way I eat.

RUTH ANN: Okay. The maintenance with this diet is so much easier because they’ve taught me how to eat, and as long as you have changed your lifestyle, changed the way you eat, you will not put the pounds back on.


RUTH ANN: I’ll say it again.

INTERVIEWER: Yeah. Do that one more time.


INTERVIEWER: When you’re on your own.

RUTH ANN: Okay. Some of my clients have said, “Isn’t that diet expensive?” And, you know, it’s a very good value because you get evaluated by the doctor, and also the food replacements are so much cheaper than any meal that you could possibly buy.

INTERVIEWER: Good. Anything else?

RUTH ANN: Let’s go surfing.

INTERVIEWER: Yeah. That’s what I was hoping you’d say.

RUTH ANN: Okay. Keeping the weight off has not been difficult at all. I was a little concerned as to whether or not I would revert back to my old habits, but I have adapted a new lifestyle of eating, and I love the way I eat. I love the way I feel. I feel so much more energetic, less bloated. I mean, life is a lot better when you learn how to eat properly.

INTERVIEWER: That’s good. All right. That’s great.

RUTH ANN: Want me to say it again?

INTERVIEWER: No, that was good. What would you no just one more thing about how the

RUTH ANN: I have been recognized in a commercial. I’ll be walking the Lake Murray Dam, and somebody’ll say, “Hey, that’s the lady on the Metabolic Medical Center diet.” And I think they’re surprised because I can walk right past them faster than they can. I have been recognized in malls. I’ve had people that say, “You look really familiar.” And then I share with them, “Have you seen the commercial on Metabolic Medical Center?” And they stop me and ask me, “Did they tell you what to say, or did you really lose weight? Are you an actress?” And I tell them, “No. I really was 60 pounds overweight, and I really am a real person telling my story.”

INTERVIEWER: Thank you. Nailed it. And just say when you’re working.

RUTH ANN: All right. When I’m working, I have an opportunity to talk with clients, and they see my commercial on television, and they ask me all the time, “How did you do this?” And I have an opportunity to share with them how easy it is to change your lifestyle by changing your eating habits.


RUTH ANN: I certainly did. I went to Folly Beach this summer and had a great time, went out with my brother. We went surfing, and waves came in towards the evening time. We went out and surfed for two hours. Got up the second wave that I tried, and I was really proud. It was a great moment.

INTERVIEWER: When was the last time you went surfing now?

RUTH ANN: I went to Metabolic Medical Center because I had a goal, and my goal was to try to lose weight. I had tried for probably 20 years to shed extra pounds that I had gained, and each year it seemed like two or three pounds kept creeping up till I was 60 pounds overweight. And when I went to them, they seemed very optimistic that I could do this, and I believed in them, and I did everything they told me to do, and it worked. It was the easiest diet that I could imagine. I never felt like I was deprived of food. I never felt like that it was something that I couldn’t continue to do. And I’m really proud that it was successful.

INTERVIEWER: Okay. So you’re going to watch you surfing. So tell me, what’s it like to be surfing?

RUTH ANN: It’s real exciting to go surfing. When you’re first pushing the board out in the water, it’s a little intimidating when the waves are starting to swell and get larger. And then you get out there, and you really see how peaceful it is out in the ocean. You look for sharks. That’s a little scary. But once you start to paddle and you feel that wave pick up the back of the board, it is so exciting to jump up, get up and actually be successful in riding that wave.

INTERVIEWER: So if you could
RUTH ANN: When you go to the Metabolic Medical Center, a doctor completely evaluates you, and it’s actually the cheapest, complete physical I’ve ever had.

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