Custom Tailored Medical Weight Loss Program Questions and Answers

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Custom Tailored Medical Weight Loss Program Near Me
Custom Tailored Medical Weight Loss Program Near Me

What is a custom-tailored weight loss program?

A custom-tailored weight loss program is a weight loss program that is built specifically for you. It will take into account all of the factors in your life that could be currently affecting your weight, such as age, lifestyle, activity level, stress and any health concerns. It will be built in partnership between yourself and a trained medical health professional, or team of professionals that can include your doctor, a nutritionist and any other professionals who can help you to reach your weight loss goals. A weight loss program should look to determine the root cause of the weight gain and address that first and foremost to ensure that once the weight is lost, it won’t get gained back. It will also work with you to provide you with education around healthy habits and lifestyle changes that cannot just help you to get the weight off initially but to maintain the weight loss for long-term sustainability.

What are the benefits of a custom-tailored weight loss program?

A custom-tailored weight loss program will work with the participant’s individual needs, health concerns and any factors that could be impacting their weight gain, as well as what could impact their ability to maintain the weight loss in the long run. The weight loss program will look at why the individual has gained weight or is in a position to lose weight, understand their reasons for wanting to lose weight, how much weight they are looking to lose and what their expectations are as far as weight loss goes. The custom weight loss program will be created as a partnership between the participant and the health care professional who will be overseeing the weight loss program, whether that be a doctor, nutritionist or other provider. The doctor will complete a full exam along with any further tests needed to ensure that the participant is in good health to participate in the program and that any health concerns are taken into consideration when building out the plan. By working together, the doctor can also factor in the participant’s activity level, food allergies, medical concerns that could impact the participant’s ability to exercise and lifestyle factors that need to be considered. A custom-tailored plan to work with the individual’s lifestyle and personality will ensure a greater success rate.

How does a custom-tailored weight loss program work?

A custom-tailored weight loss plan works by building out a program that will work with the individual’s likes and dislikes, medical concerns, lifestyle factors and goals under the supervision of a medical professional. Through the partnership of the participant and doctor, the program can be built to make small changes to the unhealthy habits or tweaks to the existing food intake that can have a surprising impact on weight loss. A weight loss program will look to have the participant lose weight at a rate of one to two pounds a week to reach the goal weight. Losing weight in this slow, steady manner has a higher success rate as the healthy habits are built over time so that by the time the goal weight is reached, the habits have become second nature. Under the supervision of a doctor, the weight loss plan will also address any medical issues or medications that could be causing the weight gain and exploring avenues to overcome the issues to improve the issues and decrease or eliminate the need for the medications.

What should I expect from a custom-tailored weight loss program?

A custom-tailored weight loss program will be built around you as an individual to meet your needs in a way that is realistic and sustainable. It will challenge you in order to change your habits and create healthier new ones but won’t be so challenging that it will cause you to feel failure or push you to the point of being so uncomfortable that you don’t follow through. It will take into account your current age, weight, goal weight, overall health goals, current health status, lifestyle and any other factors affecting your weight or preventing you from reaching your weight goal. You can expect it to educate you on factors that will impact your weight, how you can make small changes that can have a big impact and tricks to help you overcome roadblocks you have encountered in past experiences trying to lose weight.

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