Vitamin B12 Injections

Vitamin B12 Injections Specialist Questions and Answers

Metabolic Medical Centers Offers Vitamin B12 Injections to Treat Deficiency, Helps in Weight Loss and Boost Energy. Call Us for More Information or Request an Appointment OnlineWe have convenient locations to serve you in Mount Pleasant SC, Charleston SC, Bluffton SC, Murrells Inlet SC, and Columbia SC.

Vitamin B12 Injections Specialist Near Me in Columbia SC, Murrells Inlet SC, Mount Pleasant SC, West Ashley SC, Bluffton, SC
Vitamin B12 Injections Specialist Near Me in Columbia SC, Murrells Inlet SC, Mount Pleasant SC, West Ashley SC, Bluffton, SC

What is Vitamin B12?

  • B12 sustains healthy nerve cells and red blood cells
  • Naturally energizes the body
  • Can increase calories burned, augment metabolism, and quicken digestion

Metabolic Medical Centers offer B12 injections to help boost energy and help with weight loss. There are several options for you to choose.

Metabolic Medical Center offices work to provide their patients with the tools needed to support their weight management efforts. One of these tools is the availability of therapeutic injections. There are several formulas available for interested patients.

What do injections do?

The formulas in the injections are designed to increase energy levels, improve circulation, and help the body metabolize carbohydrates.

Does B12 help lose belly fat?

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that is crucial to many components of our health. It is involved in helping form our DNA and red blood cells. It is also key for things like our overall brain and heart health. B12 is essential for energy production, which is why many people take it in supplements to help with fatigue and overall energy levels. In natural forms, B12 is found in most animal products, and is sometimes used to fortify foods to add extra vitamin content.

When it comes to weight loss and belly fat, B12, particularly B12 shots or injections, have gained popularity in recent years for their purported impacts on metabolism and fat loss. It’s important to keep in mind that there is no “magic pill” when it comes to weight loss and belly fat in general, and that research on humans and B12 for fat loss is still relatively limited. However, there is some promising evidence that B12 helps the body metabolize fat, and research has found that a B12 deficiency could actually be linked to excess weight and obesity. One large study found that those with higher blood levels of B12 had an overall lower risk of obesity. Furthermore, since B12 can help improve your energy levels, you may have more energy to conduct exercise, therefore burning more calories and helping lose excess weight, including in the belly area.

How often should you get a B12 shot?

This will depend on your specific body, your goals and your personal health history. Your healthcare provider at Metabolic Medical Center will help you decide how often to administer B12 shots if they are right for you. Most clients using B12 shots for weight loss will get them once a week.

Why are injections better than taking some of these formulas orally?

An injection allows the formula to be absorbed much more quickly. When taking a formula orally, the body must first digest the pill form before being absorbed by the body.

What kinds of injections do you offer?

The Metabolic Medical Centers offer a variety of formulas that are tailored to your specific weight management plan. Available formulas include a variety of B-vitamins (B-12, B-complex), lipotropic injections which stimulate the liver, as well as a combination of these formulas such as the lipo-B mix. Variations of these formulas are also available for those with specific allergies.

Do you have to be a patient to receive injections?

No. The doctors at Metabolic Medical Centers make your health their top priority. In order to safely administer and monitor the effectiveness of injections, the Metabolic Medical Center will require you to fill out a brief medical history before administering your injection in-office.

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