Weight Loss Programs in South Carolina

Medical Weight-Loss Program at Metabolic Medical Centers in Columbia SC, Murrells Inlet SC, Mount Pleasant SC, West Ashley SC, Bluffton, SC

Metabolic Medical Centers Provides a Proven Medical Weight-Loss Program for You. We Offer an Accelerated Weight Loss Program and Assist Patients of All Ages. From Teens, Young Adults, Adults to Seniors. Call Or Visit Us At a Location Near You.

Weight Loss Programs in South Carolina

Lose Weight Fast and Keep It Off Permanently

Get ready for a fully Customized Weight Loss Program based on the results of your lab tests, how quickly you want to lose the weight and your everyday time demands. You will see one of our doctors on every visit. Your program will be custom tailored from one of the metabolic programs below, then it will be adjusted accordingly by the doctor to insure the safest and greatest chance for steady weight loss. All of our weight loss programs are affordable and we can create a program to fit any budget. You can lose weight fast and keep it off permanently.

Fast and Flexible Program

This modified profast program includes regular foods from an approved list, some meal supplements and delicious protein shakes. Patients report this to be an easy and flexible program with great results. Average weight loss is 4-12 pounds during the first two weeks and 2-8 pounds every two weeks following. Patients are monitored by our doctors every two to four weeks. The cost for this program is $127 every 2 weeks and it’s one of our most popular weight loss plans.

Balance Your Pyramid

This program incorporates a well balanced, controlled calorie diet that allows you to lose weight utilizing all food groups. We have taken care to arrange the distribution of calories, particularly carbohydrates, to facilitate the loss of fat weight, retention of muscle mass, and appetite control. Average weight loss is approximately 2-8 pounds per month. You are seen by a Metabolic Doctor once a month. Your health and well-being are very important to us.

Accelerated Program

The Accelerated Program is an all supplement plan. The Profast Diet is a very low calorie diet and includes a combination of supplements to ensure that your body is receiving the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs. You are seen by a Metabolic Doctor every week and monitored very closely.

Healthy Lifestyle

Metabolics maintenance plans will help you keep the weight off once you’ve reached your weight loss goal. Metabolic Maintenance incorporates 3 key factors. First, it provides the nutrition necessary for good health. Second, it ensures what you eat and how much you eat is realistic. Third, you need to have a moderate exercise program. These components will help secure continued success. If you have been on one of our programs previously and gained a few pounds you are welcome back anytime. We do encourage regular visits throughout maintenance to keep you on track.

Every metabolic weight loss program includes:

  • Complete medical weight loss evaluation through a series of office and lab tests analyzed by our physicians.
  • Customized weight loss plan based on your medical evaluation.
  • FDA Approved appetite suppressants and prescription medications if needed.
  • Healthy food alternatives, including profast supplements and injections to ensure you are getting proper vitamins and minerals..
  • Helpful guidelines, tips and continued support from our medical weight loss team.

Medical Weight Loss Programs in Columbia, Mt. Pleasant, Murrells Inlet, West Ashley and Bluffton South Carolina.

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