Medical Weight Loss for Young Adults Questions and Answers

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Medical Weight Loss for Young Adults Near Me
Medical Weight Loss for Young Adults Near Me

How can I lose weight in my 20s?

In general, when you’re younger, your metabolism is a little bit faster, making it easier for most people in that age range to lose weight. However, as you enter your mid to late 20s, your metabolism tends to slow down, indicating the start of the phases in your life where it can be more difficult in general to lose weight. This whole process is something known scientifically as your basal metabolic rate, which essentially means how fast your metabolism is. Scientists have found that in general, this tends to drop about 1 to 2 percent per decade, and this begins in your mid to late twenties.

For most people, losing weight in your 20s looks similar to how you’d lose weight at other stages of your life, via behaviour adjustments related to food and exercise. At Metabolic Medical Centers, we work with clients of all ages, and can help you determine a plan that will work best for you based on your age and body type.

What causes weight gain in young adults?

Weight gain in young adults can be due to many factors, including lifestyle habits, growth and puberty, changes in physical activity, or in some cases, underlying health issues. As a young adult, you are going through many changes in life that can impact your health and your overall habits, which may lead to weight gain. For example, moving away to school, travelling frequently, starting or changing jobs, moving to a different city, marriage, or having children are all major life milestones and changes that could lead to weight gain, because of the various stresses that can impact eating and exercise habits. It can be hard to notice this weight gain at first, as it can develop over a longer period of time. Because unexplained or sudden, rapid weight gain can be an indicator of an underlying health concern, it’s important to have this assessed by your healthcare provider.

Is it easier to lose weight when you’re young?

Since your metabolism tends to be faster when you’re young, in general, it can be easier to lose weight when you’re young. This is why many of our younger clients at Metabolic Medical Centers see great results on our weight loss programs, and are generally able to keep the weight off and adhere to lifestyle changes.

However, as a young person, you may be experiencing unique challenges that can make it difficult to lose weight, such as life changes like moving, marriage, having children, or starting a job or changing jobs frequently. The more your life is in flux, the more that can affect your diet and exercise habits, which can make it hard to develop and maintain a routine and plan that works for you.

Is a medical weight loss program safe for a young adult?

At Metabolic Medical Centers, we work with many young adult clients, and can ensure a safe environment to conduct our weight loss programs for them. While all weight loss programs should be based on sound, current medical advice, and monitored for safety, this is especially important when it comes to young adults. Our team of weight loss professionals and specialists are trained in providing the best care and advice for young adults, including specific information and plans for the unique challenges and life changes many young adults face. We will be sure to take into account your unique life situation, including personal health history, and any other factors in place that may interfere with weight loss or make it difficult to manage results over time. Young adults need a special approach, and we can provide that, in a safe, comfortable, and encouraging environment.

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