Weight Maintenance Program in Columbia, SC

Weight Maintenance Program in Columbia, SC

When Trying to Lose Weight or Maintain a Healthy Weight and Struggling to Do It on Your Own. Metabolic Medical Centers Can Help to Make Weight Loss and Maintenance Much Easier, Efficient, and More Effective. We Are Located Near You In Columbia, SC. Call or Visit Us Online to Book an Appointment.

Weight Maintenance Program in Columbia, SC

Weight Maintenance Program in Columbia, SC

What does a weight loss and weight maintenance clinic do?

This kind of clinic is where specialized healthcare professionals provide medically supervised weight loss and weight maintenance. The guidance and weight management these professionals provide is invaluable. It offers a safer and overall better way of losing or maintaining weight, as opposed to unsupervised, solo approaches to doing so.

Medically supervised weight loss and weight maintenance are also quite comprehensive. They factor in the many different things that can contribute to weight gain and weight loss, and even factor in the patient’s particular health requirements. For example, the weight-maintenance program here at Metabolic Medical Centers factors in the patient’s metabolism which can contribute to unexpected weight gain. Lifestyle needs, any chronic conditions the patient has, and many other things are considered too, and this is what makes a weight-loss or weight-maintenance program so comprehensive!

What is a weight maintenance program, exactly?

We offer this kind of program here at Metabolic Medical Centers, and it helps our patients maintain their weight. It can also help patients lose weight. The program will generally include:

  • Lab testing to help us understand the things affecting your weight, such as your metabolism
  • Complete meal plans, healthful meal supplements, and delicious protein shakes to help you manage your weight
  • Accommodations for any dietary preferences, lifestyle needs, or chronic conditions you may have, such as diabetes
  • Many methods for revving up or maintaining your metabolism so your body can function optimally
  • All the support and advice you’ll need to maintain your weight indefinitely
  • And more!

Our weight maintenance program is affordable, supportive, convenient, personalized, and very safe, so you can be very confident going into the program. And coming out of the program, you’ll have developed the healthy habits you’ll need to maintain your weight for the rest of your life!

Does your weight maintenance program actually work?

Our program works because it’s a medically supervised weight-management plan that factors in your metabolism, lifestyle needs, health requirements, and the many other things that affect weight gain and weight loss, and it’s also safe, easy, and efficient for patients. In our weight-maintenance program, we use the same principles and practices of medically supervised weight-loss programs which are proven to be more effective than unsupervised weight loss. This is the biggest reason why our weight-maintenance program works for our patients. It will work for you!

Do you provide a weight maintenance program in Columbia SC?

Yes, we do! We have a location over at 3608 Landmark Drive Suite E Columbia, SC 29204, and at that location we’ll be able to see you for a consultation and put together a weight-maintenance program for you. During a consultation with us, we’ll take a look at your medical history, recent weight loss, and current health requirements. With this information, we’ll be able to construct a program that will address your every need and help you maintain your weight indefinitely. If that sounds good to you, then contact Metabolic Medical Centers today, or book a consultation with us online.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you maintain your weight and your health!

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