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Medical Weight Loss Programs Questions and Answers

With weight loss, there is no such thing as a miracle product or service, but there are medical weight-loss programs which truly work! We provide these proven programs here at Metabolic Medical Centers. Your program will be tailored to your needs and supervised by a true medical professional for safe, effective weight loss. Connect with us today to learn more about West Ashley SC medical weight-loss programs! We serve patients from Charleston SC, Summerville SC and North Charleston.

Medical Weight Loss Programs Questions and Answers
Medical Weight Loss Programs Questions and Answers

How can a doctor help me lose weight?

A doctor can simply provide advice, like dietary advice, or provide a fully comprehensive way to lose weight. This second way is what medical weight loss is about! It’s supervised by the doctor who understands the factors involved in weight gain and weight loss, like habits, diet, and exercise. Here at Metabolic Medical Centers, we also understand how an individual’s metabolism may factor into the weight-loss equation. All of these things should be considered for weight loss, and they can be factored into a comprehensive weight-loss program for the patient. Your program will be personalized for you and no one else!

During a program, a patient will have ongoing support and supervision from a doctor. This ensures the weight loss is as effective and safe as possible. That’s the best way for a doctor to help you with your weight loss, and it’s our specialty here at Metabolic Medical Centers!

What does medical weight loss entail?

With us at Metabolic Medical Centers, medical weight loss is done in a program customized for the patient. Here’s how your program may work:

  • First, we’ll likely provide lab tests to help us learn about your health requirements and metabolism
  • During the program, we’ll accommodate your lifestyle needs, like the restriction a chronic condition may place on you (such as arthritis)
  • We’ll provide meal planning or advice about preparing your own meals at home
  • We’ll suggest strategies for boosting or optimizing your metabolism
  • We’ll also suggest strategies for weight loss that will help you preserve your muscle mass
  • You’ll get meal supplements, if you wish, as well as delicious protein shakes
  • We’ll be available to you all the while to help you achieve results within just weeks
  • We’ll help you learn the habits you’ll need to keep the weight off, potentially forever!

The program with us is quite affordable, so it’s accessible to many people. The program’s also really easy to get into and easier than you might think to stick with! Truly, the best approach to weight-loss is the one that’s tailored for the individual and guided by a professional. This is our approach at Metabolic Medical Centers.

Is medical weight loss safe?

Medical weight loss is as safe as weight loss gets! In fact, it’s proven to be safer and more effective than unsupervised, unsupported weight loss. That’s especially so for patients with chronic conditions like diabetes which make weight loss more complicated.

Also, medical weight loss is effective because it’s science-based, incorporating strategies like changing lifestyle habits and sticking to a meal plan. In your program, you’ll be learning many healthy habits that will help you succeed not just in the short term with weight loss, but also in the long term with keeping the weight off!

Where can I get West Ashley SC medical weight-loss programs?

You can find these programs here with us at Metabolic Medical Centers. We’re available to people of any age in the West Ashley area and beyond, and you’ll find our clinic over at 1941 Savage Rd Suite 100F Charleston, SC 29407. You can reach us at (843) 548-5081. Call us today at that number if you’d like to learn more about medical weight loss with us, or if you’d like to book a consultation with us! During a potentially free consultation, we’ll help you determine the best approach for your weight loss. Book with us online if you’d prefer that instead.

We look forward to speaking with you soon and helping you get to and maintain a healthy weight!

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