Whole Foods Weight Loss Plan Questions and Answers

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be such a hassle! counting calories and constantly worrying about what you’re eating isn’t necessary. The professionals at Metabolic Medical Centers will educate you on Whole Foods Weight Loss plan. For more information, call us or schedule an appointment online! We serve patients from Mount Pleasant SC, West Ashley SC, Murrells Inlet SC, Columbia SC, Bluffton SC, Sullivans Island SC, Isle of Palms SC, Daniel Island SC, Charleston SC, James Island SC, North Charleston SC, Pawleys Island SC, Myrtle Beach SC, Hilton Head SC, and Hardeeville SC.

Whole Foods Weight Loss Plan Near Me
Whole Foods Weight Loss Plan Near Me

We can also put together a healthy meal plan for you to give you a better shot at losing weight and keeping it off. It will also help you live more healthily and control your metabolism. If that sounds like a good plan to you, then get in touch with us today to learn more!

Can a meal plan help me lose weight?

It sure can! In fact, it’s almost a guarantee. A solid meal plan will provide your body with all the nutrients and energy it needs to burn fat and be healthy. Also, the meals will contain fewer calories than what you’re currently eating. Fewer calories, along with exercise to burn excess calories, will help you lose a lot of weight naturally. And by controlling your metabolism too, you’ll lose weight quickly and efficiently. By losing weight, you’ll become much healthier and lower your risk of serious health conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

At Metabolic Medical Centers, we put together custom whole food meal plans for our patients, factoring in their individual health needs, such as allergies, nutritional needs, and metabolism. All this can increase our patients’ chance of success with weight loss and help them live a healthier life.

To lose a lot of weight, how many calories should I be consuming?

This really depends on factors like your age, gender, height, weight, activity levels, metabolic health, and others. All of these factors are taken into consideration when we put together a healthy meal plan for a patient.

One of the biggest factors tends to be gender. Generally, it’s recommended that women consume about 2000 calories a day to maintain their weight, or about 1500 calories a day to lose about a pound every week. For men, it’s recommended that they consume about 2500 calories a day to maintain their weight, or about 2000 calories a day to lose about a pound every week. It’s possible to lose more weight by consuming fewer calories and burning more of them, but this requires professional supervision.

What does a whole foods meal plan consist of?

A meal plan is always tailored toward each patient and his or her needs, including lifestyle needs, so if you want to stick with some of the foods you currently enjoy, you can do so. You’ll also be eating plenty of foods your diet is currently lacking, and you’ll be eating more optimally for your body and metabolism. For you, this could mean eating more often but in smaller portions, and/or taking meal supplements and drinking delicious protein shakes. You might also benefit from prepping your meals one day for the entire week!

With your meal plan, you’ll be able to enjoy delicious, nutritious meals with complex carbohydrates from foods like whole grains and veggies. You’ll also be able to enjoy plenty of beans, nuts, lean meats, low-fat dairy, and other healthy foods.

If you would like support and supervision for weight loss in addition to a whole foods meal plan, then we can provide this as a part of a comprehensive program here at Metabolic Medical Centers. Or if all you need is a simple meal plan, we can provide that too!

Do you provide whole foods meal plans in South Carolina?

Yes! Our clinic has multiple locations in South Carolina where we provide healthy whole food meal plans for our patients. You can view all of our locations and their contact information on our Locations page. We invite you to contact any of our locations for any questions you have, or for a consultation with us to learn more about our meal plans! We’ll tell you everything else you’d like to know about them so you can be just as confident as we are that a meal plan will work very well for you. Contact us today!

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